Question of type LIST - saving a lot of options. Am I hitting a limit there ?

4 years 3 months ago #90371 by Qat
Hi everyone.

I'm currently designing a heavily multilingual survey (10 languages at the time, up to 18 when finished). I have a question of type List (dropdown)for the country of the participant. So that makes 135 countries, translated 10 times...

In my last (10th) translation (Urdu !) I hit a bug/limit : the first ~120 options are saved, but anything after that isn't.

When I check my BD (through PHP MyAdmin), I can see that a record exists for those translations, and that all the fields are OK (qid, code, sortorder, assessment_value, language, scale_id), except that the "answer" field is empty...

I can manually enter an answer, through PHP MyAdmin, and it appears on the survey. But If I try to edit and resave the all the answers through LimeSurvey, everything below the ~120th answer gets erased again.
Is it a known limitation of the system . I have read about the "mySQL ISAM engine limitation" in the faq, but can't figure out if it applies here.

Any idea anyone ?

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