adjusting printanswers.php?

5 years 3 months ago #87795 by zunch2000
zunch2000 created the topic: adjusting printanswers.php?
Hi all,

can someone assist me on adjusting printanswers.php?
Multiple question types Array (MQTA) present the answers in printanswer.php as an array. however, i just want to present the header of the array and the actual answers
For example, if the array is:

Currently it is presented on printanswer.php as follows:

and I would like to present it as follows:

Also, "text-display" question are presented in printanswer.php as follows:
texttextexttexttexttexttexttextexttexttexttexttexttextexttexttexttextempty cell

and I would like to present it as follows:

Best regards,
And thank you for any help...

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5 years 3 months ago - 5 years 3 months ago #87801 by helper
helper replied the topic: adjusting printanswers.php?
The current structures of both the print and pdf report generation lacks much to be desired.

My suggestions to the LimeSurvey team:

1. Dump HTML tables and encourage CSS based layouts for print.
2. Create a template system for print/pdf that allows the admin to setup the layouts based on group/question/sub-question.
3. This template system should allow for custom common headers and footers for branding and consistency.


1. Create a hook or API that the programmers can intercept the printing functionality to customize as needed.

Added idea to
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