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Problem using other response in next question answer.

4 years 4 months ago - 4 years 4 months ago #87038 by roman149
What I have:
(scroll down to picture)
I have question empl_qt which is of a type Radio-Button List.
This question has allowed option other.

I have another question comp_qt also Radio-Button List

What I want:
I want to use selected response from empl_qt in a posible response to comp_qt.

What I do:
In the possible response I use expression:

Just to test posibilities I used the EM editor to insert the code of other into question as this

What I get:
While in question the replacement shows the value inserted in the textfield of other, in the response the same expression shows just text "Other:".
With the normal responses SGQA identifier works (the SGQ identifier doesn't).

For illustration of the issue please see the screenshot below.

What am I missing? Why I don't get the other content in the possible response?

Picture explanation: The answer to question empl_qt was other/8. In question you can see number 8. While in possible answer is "Other:".

I am using the , which I believe is running the version 1.92+.

PS: LimeSurvey somehow detected that my native language is Czech, so it translates everything in Czech. So in this question I retranslated all back to English. I'm sorry if I translated something wrong.
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4 years 4 months ago #87066 by tpartner
{if(empl_qt_other.shown, empl_qt_other.shown, empl_qt.shown)}

Tony Partner

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4 years 4 months ago #87078 by roman149
Yeah. That's it! Thanks.

I tried the property .shown in then and else statements, but I didn't get the idea to put the same in condition.

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