Duplicate Questions and/or Groups

5 years 3 months ago #87028 by pcolvin
pcolvin created the topic: Duplicate Questions and/or Groups
I am experiencing a strange problem that I'm hoping someone else may have come across.

When adding groups or questions to a survey, it is duplicated upon saving. The duplicate gets a different ID number, but the code and everything else is exactly the same. At times I even end up with two duplicates and have a total of three of the same question.

Here is the really strange part. This only happens when using computers located in the same building as the web server. If I add a group or question from a computer outside of the building, everything behaves normally.

I have tried clearing all history, cookies and cache, tried several different browsers (Firefox, Chrome, IE), tried to reboot the web server and database server. I have also tried several other computers with different versions of Windows and all behave the same.

Everything else with LimeSurvey works fine. I have tried this with version 1.9x and 2.x with the same result.

Any thoughts or ideas on what may or could be causing this will be greatly appreciated.

P Colvin

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5 years 3 months ago #87088 by atiut
atiut replied the topic: Duplicate Questions and/or Groups
1. Ask you sysadmin to figure this out.

2. Work on your LS installation through a proxy server while (s)he does so.

3. In 3 weeks or so when (s)he solves the issue reply that the survey closed suceesfully but thanks anyway :).

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