Design issues regarding "yes/don't know/no" arrays

4 years 5 months ago - 4 years 5 months ago #86678 by docl
Two questions regarding the "yes/don't know/no" arrays:

- Is it possible to change the order of "yes/don't know/no" array questions to "yes/no/don't know"?
Not that important - but most other surveys I have seen have this kind of question in this order..

- Is there another way of designing this "three option" array for a single question. As the array is designed now, you have one "main" question, and a list with subquestions. If you only have one question in the array you can either choose to repeat the same question both as the main ("header") question and the subquestion, or leave one of them empty. The latter however creates either an empty space for the header or an empty column in the array. Both solutions are not graphically in line with the rest of the survey. Hope the attached pic helps understanding what I am trying to write :-).

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4 years 5 months ago #86699 by tpartner
1) This question type is just an array question with pre-formatted labels. You can use a "regular' array question with your own labels.

2) To remove the sub-question labels, add this to the end of template.css, Replace "QQ" with the question ID
#questionQQ .answer thead td,
#questionQQ .answer tbody th {
	display: none;

Tony Partner

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