Cannot export results, cannot import surveys and questions

5 years 8 months ago #85127 by tomekr
tomekr created the topic: Cannot export results, cannot import surveys and questions

After long time using LimeSurveyor, I'm suddenly unable to export or import certain file types.

1. When trying to export survey results into Excel, file takes a while to download (file size is reasonable) - then, when I try to open the file, Excel reports problems with opening the file content and goes into Safe Mode. Then Excel fails to rerieve the file content. Exporting results to CSV or Word is successful. The same goes for exporting statistics: same errors for Excel, HTML and PDF are OK.

2. When trying to import an already exported survey (or group or question), Lime cannot read the file. The message is: "This file is not a LimeSurvey question file. Import failed." The same goes for all file types.

It seems as if Lime could not finish properly the file and it became unreadable. Checked under various browsers. Any help would be appreciated.

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