"Please check the format of your answer" text imbedded into question

4 years 7 months ago #85046 by nessajk
Hi there,

I have a survey question with a "numerical input" question type. I want respondents to only be able to enter a number between 0-30. My colleague entered the validation code /^([0-9]|[12][0-9]|30)$/ and this does achieve the goal of only allowing a 0-30 entry. Unfortunately, it also embeds the text "Please check the format of your answer" into the question itself, which I don't want. Also, the code doesn't work when there is a relevance equation.

I can't find any way to remove that or another code to use that accomplishes the same. I had hoped that setting the Maximum Value in the advanced option settings would prevent answers over 30, but it does not.

Is there some way to get that text out? A different validation code to use?

Version 1.92+ Build 120501

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