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just1 created the topic: Reporting Template
Sorry All,

I am a little new to all of this and I have been reading the manual and am a little stuck. I wonder if the following is at all possible:

I want to be able to get the statistics/analysis of the survey to be presented in a specific formatted template. I cannot seem to figure out if these is possible.

I do understand that the reporting can be in a word doc or csv file, however, I then need this information to be presented " as a pretty little package" for viewing. Will Lime Survery be able to achieve this or do I need another "finishing" programme in order to achieve this goal?

In addition I am wanting to set specific results and points for the statistics. Exp: If a questions has options, I want to be able to set a points system so that when if Answer 1 is the best and worth 4 points and answer 4 is bad and therefore only worth 1 point...then when analysed over all the amount of points will determine who is "best" and who is "unsatisfactory" then the "report" will throw out specific text on the report.

I hope I didn't confuse anyone, I am still trying to get it all straight in my mind. But any help would be wonderful.

Many thanks
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