"Joining" two (or more) questions, without using groups?

4 years 7 months ago - 4 years 7 months ago #84905 by jay_ar
Newbie here... sorry if I'm missing something obvious.

So... Some friends are in dire need of my help creating a survey, and they need to have the questions being shown one by one (so viewing the next question doesn't alter the current answer). All good there.

HOWEVER: some of the "questions" are really two questions, that must be displayed on the same screenshot. i.e:

What's your favorite friend's name? ______________________
Is he/she []younger []older []unknown

the first question is almost always a "short text". The 2nd question is related to the 1st, and it's usually -but not always- a "list - radio"

I understand the easiest way of displaying some questions together is to create "groups", but I'm not sure creating a gazillion groups is a good practice. Some posts I have seen suggest making the bottom of the 1st question and the top of the 2nd one very thin, so the two questions look like they are joined, but I understand this requires all the questions in a group to be visible at once. I have found some "workarounds" as well (or one in particular), but the goal of it is to create an array of questions, which doesn't seem to match our needs as much as I would like.

So... the question I have is: is it possible to tell LS to display two questions simultaneously, while showing all the others individually?

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4 years 7 months ago #84910 by holch
No, unfortunately, at the moment the only chance for you is to create a group for each "page" you want to show.

But it would be a good idea to have something like that. Maybe you can make a feature request?

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Some helpful links: Manual (EN) | Question Types | Workarounds

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4 years 7 months ago #84914 by jay_ar
Oh my :D

Thank you for the prompt answer. I'll try to steer these people away of this kind of questions :)


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