Minor change to import_functions.php & Excel Import make SubQ Relevance Work ?

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abita1 created the topic: Minor change to import_functions.php & Excel Import make SubQ Relevance Work
Trying to Cascade filters, or to make SubQuestions respond to relevance....I had thought I could merely import them using an Excel Survey Import....

I now see that that method failed, and that using cascaded filters' current creation method requires Q1 answers and Q2 answers to be both identical in number and in contents. Not doing this -- if I am reading the manual right -- breaks the cascade function, or better put: breaks the method of creating the SubQ relevance and stuffing them into the LS database for a SubQ set.
  • What perplexes me now, however, is why that trait (the identify of answers) is even considered. Clearly, the LS-code recognizes a way to make the SubQ/Answer disappear, if the relevance expression evaluates true.

  • I think I am missing something: I understand it makes sense, in the context of using the question's "array" field as a tool to use LS admin code to construct a set of SubQ relevance strings -- though I could imagine other ways -- by example, of requiring the same NUMBER of subQ's, rather than the same number AND the same IDENTITY of contents in series. Especially since the SubQ Codes are different...
So . . . I wonder . . . If I manage to make a manual insert in the SQL database for an SubQ relevance string, would the program work?

Or, easier...an amendment to the excel import code at import_functions.php, at lines 1885 et seq.. A minor modification to retrieve the value from the excel file in the relevance column, and insert the relevance-string into the database ?

(Which, I suppose, would accomplish the not-yet-created modification to the UI for subQuestions, which would allow direct entry of relevance.)

Would LS 1.92+ behave, NOT displaying a SubQ when its relevance expression evaluated FALSE?

What about 2RC7?
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