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Exporting of survey structure

5 years 1 week ago #74463 by ianhamid

I have created a survey for group 1. This same survey is also being used for 6 different groups with their own customers. In the survey, it includes images which are used for each option in a question.

I have exported the survey structure and imported into a new survey for each group. However, the images are not exported correctly. When I go to the option, the image path is still pointing to the group 1 survey.

img alt="" src="/limesurvey/upload/surveys/25421/images/Extremely%20Satisfied(1).jpg

The bold is the survey no. So in the new survey, this same survey no. was used instead of the new survey no created.

How can I rectify this? Else, it will be tedious to change the image path manually with the correct survey no.

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5 years 1 week ago #74476 by Mazi
To my knowledge such paths are not adjusted when exporting/importing a survey. You can file a bug report for this at . Not sure though if this can be implemented easily because even if the path is adjusted, the images won't be copied when exporting/importing a survey.

At the upcoming Limesurvey 2.0 version there will be a feature to export a "whole" survey which includes the survey, token data, answer data, and probably also the files at limesurvey/upload/surveys/25421

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