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need multiple answers for different facilities

5 years 4 months ago #66192 by claranne
I need to create a survey that asks questions of the main facility, then a different set of questions about each of the 15 buildings managed from that main facility. I was told on Friday that I should structure a survey with the last facility question being Do you have another building...with the condition that yes takes them to another set of the building questions. However, how do I write the conditions to take the user from one buiding to the next, as I have made each building a separate group? So, I would have to go from question 40 in the Building 1 group to the first question of the building 2 group. Is that possible, or should I have everything for all the buildings in one group?

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5 years 4 months ago #66196 by Mazi
The first group of questions for building 1 should always be shown. For the first question of group 2 (second building) set a condition like "Show this question IF answer to question X (numerical input) was >= 2 (constant value)".
Then copy this condition to all following questions of the second group using the copy conditioon feature.
For group 3 you have to change the condition to "...IF answer to question X (numerical input) was >= 3 (constant value)" and for group 4 "... >=4" and so on. Within each group you have to copy the condition set on the first question to all following questions of that group.

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5 years 4 months ago #66246 by holch
Hi Claranne, it would have been ideal to add this to your old post, because it would make things a lot clearer for those that come to the topic later.

So, if you have asked at the beginning, how many building they have, than you should set the conditions as Mazi said.

If you have added a question like "do you have another building" like described in your post, then you need to write the condition so that the questions in the group for the second building only show, if answer to this questions is yes. You can create this condition once and apply it to all questions for the second building. then for the third building you need to make the condition dependend on this last questions of the second group "do you have another building"... I hope this is a little clearer now.

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