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Looking for: part-time survey programmer

5 years 8 months ago #62053 by markz
Hi guys,

Been using LS for a few months now - love the way it's evolving and the new features in the 1.91 release.

I wanted to reach out to a few gurus or trainees in the art of survey programming. I typically need a few surveys converted each month from a detailed spreadsheet with skip-logic, answer codes, sections, etc... to a working online survey. I also often have a lead list with attribute fields that I need to pass and generate tokens with.

Looking to establish a good relationship with a programmer or two who will be available to program the surveys for me, shoot the shit with sometimes, and also make friendly recommendations here or there :)

I host the platform on my own site, so maintenance+upgrades not an issue.

Definitely need someone who can handle the occasional Javascript and jQuery stuff (for example: we may have a question which displays answers based on a previous question's responses (like an array filter but... not), or modifying question types such as "Multiple choice with comments" so that there can be several "Don't Know" options with the comment field removed and/or are entirely hidden based on some previous response conditions). I can provide some more concrete examples of course.

Please drop me a PM or reply with your rate or however you like to work... some of your experience with LS or contributions to the project... and we can go from there :)



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5 years 8 months ago #62101 by markz
I can't seem to access my private messages... I see you guys sent messages in there but clicking on the button doesn't allow me to view them. Is there some secret way to view PMs on here? :)

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5 years 8 months ago #62102 by tpartner
Hmm...not that I know of. Try sending me a PM with your coordinates.

Tony Partner

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5 years 8 months ago #62123 by TMSWhite

Would this sort of functionality help you? We're working on a generic, non-JavaScript-dependent, solution to issues like the one you've described. Please comment on this thread if there is functionality we've missed.

When you say "several Don't know" options, what do you mean? I've worked with surveys before where we had multiple types of "nullFlavors", such as "Not Applicable", "Refused", "Don't Understand", and "Don't Know". So, questions would be mandatory, but we always had the ability to override mandatory fields with all or some of those nullFlavors.


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5 years 8 months ago #62132 by markz
Hi Tom,

I'll give you an example of one of the questions I'm trying to code...

Which of the following soft drinks have you purchased over the last 6 months from these retailers?
<multiple choice list...>
Other: _______
Don't Know / Refused (exclusive)

How MANY soft drinks did you purchase over the last 6 months from the retailers you mentioned previously? (Show only brands coded at R6 - Answer must be entered to continue. Offer "Don't Know" code for each brand.)
<multiple choice list with comments...>
Other: _______

Here I have multiple problems... so R6 asks WHICH store I've purchased from, with a single exclusive "Don't Know" option.

R8 asks HOW MANY units I've purchased from the stores I indicated at R8.

1. To solve the problem of passing only the store names that have been visited, I've copied R6 and created it into R8 and used an Array Filter.
2. To solve the problem of using this list but also having a way to indicate amounts per store, I've changed it from a Multiple Choice to a Multiple Choice with Comments.
3. In order to have a "Don't Know" option for EACH choice of store, I've created one for each, even at R6, in order for the Array Filter not to be broken.
4. I plan on using Javascript to HIDE the multiple "Don't Know" choices at R6.
5. I plan on using Javascript to disallow an empty comment field from being placed at R8 (at least 0 must be entered).
6. I plan to use Javascript to make it so that if some "Don't Know" is selected, its corresponding store is also greyed out and unselectable (mimicking the action of an Exclusive "Don't Know", but only making the 1 adjacent store option unselectable).

As you can see... this gets pretty unruly, and I'm not yet sure whether I can even accomplish all of this as I plan.
Is there an easier way you know of to do what I'm trying to do here? :)

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5 years 8 months ago - 5 years 8 months ago #62134 by TMSWhite

That is a tough one, and I don't know an easy way to do it in LimeSurvey, yet.

Using a different tool, I had to deal with some questions like this. It was ugly, but it worked. I have a survey that assesses whether you have "winter depression" by having you rate certain symptoms, indicating which months of the year you have those symptoms. I didn't have access to Matrix style questions, otherwise you could envision it as a single Array question with 12 sub-questions, and 13 answer choices (months January-December, plus "None"). I ended up putting each question on a single page (part of the reason I'm hoping to migrate to LimeSurvey - my users didn't like the interface). However, by putting each question on a page, I could implement the equivalent of the Exclusive "Don't Know" (in my case, "None") question using Equation question types between pages. If the respondent answered "None" and any of the other months, the next (otherwise invisible) page would show an error message and tell the respondent to go back and correct the problem. Each of those 12 questions about depression were also along either positive or negative axes, so I also had to check to ensure that the user didn't say that were both happiest and saddest in a particular month - that would also generate a conditional error message.

Although you could probably do the same sort of thing in LimeSurvey (thereby guaranteeing data consistency), it would not be pretty.

This survey I'm describing is one of the first I need to port to LimeSurvey, so sounds like I'll have to grapple with the same situation you're in. I'm hoping I can find a way to represent such business logic without having to resort to JavaScript.

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