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Survey stops with session expired message after longest question

5 years 8 months ago #61460 by RBH
I'm testing my first survey. All seems OK when testing the activated survey with mobile dongle connection - I can do repeated tests from same IP address but when switch to using my mobile phone broadband (Tethered to my laptop - no browsing problems)and try to do the survey a second time the survey gives me the error page saying session expired and suggesting that the connection may be lost or cookies not enablesd.

The connection is OK as I can go straigtht onto other webistes after this errpr message, and cookies are enabled - I can see two Limesurvey cookies in Firefox 4 - these are set to delete at end of session. I'm on a shared host and have had no timing out problems in the design and testing stages so far on the same connection.

In the design settings of the survey I have set the session expires setting to the max - 650,000 seconds and also made sure I have not requested the cookie setting feature that prevents multiple uses from any IP address.

I'm off to test it at work but I am bothered that one internet connection does not allow me multiple completions of the same survey when another connection does.

Is there something I can undo that may be preventing multiple completions - stopping the survey half way through on a particular connection?

The question it sticks on is an 18 item, 7 point array. Nothing complicated. The whole survey has 10 questions and a total of 40 sub questions. Open access.

Tell me if you'd like the link to the survey if that helps to see if you can get multiple completion please - let me know.

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5 years 8 months ago #61726 by RBH
Hi - I've come to my own conclusion on this issue:
Guess it's probably a problem with the type of internet connection. The survey does not seem to have this sticking problem with other forms of connection to the internet.
Thanks all.

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