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Problem assigning users or groups via Survey security

5 years 9 months ago #60666 by petere
I have added a number of users and assigned them to a group and I am now trying to assign them access to a specific survey.

This has been working in the past as I have some users assigned access to the survey in question, but now when I go into Survey Security and try to add either users or groups it always fails.

When trying to add a user I get an error stating that the user already exists, howver they are not listed in the list of users with access to the survey and if I logon as that user I cannot see the survey.

When trying to add a group I just get a message that adding the group has failed.

The only thing I can think to mention here that may be relevant is that I made a group with 3 members and added this to the survey a while ago. Today I added more people to that same group and tried to add the group to the survey again again (to pick up the new members) and I also tried to add the individual users to the survey when adding the group failed.

To test what is happening I made a new user and a new group and neither of these can be added to the survey and I tried a completely different survey and get the same results trying to add either a user or group.

It appears that adding groups or users to surveys is broken for me at the moment for some reason.

Do you have any ideas why this might be the case or any suggestions on how I can resolve this as I urgently need to give a group of users access to this survey's results

Many thanks

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5 years 9 months ago #60715 by tpartner
Have you upgraded to the latest LS version?

If so please file a bug report and...

1. Give as much information as possible

2. Provide step-by-step instructions how to reproduce the problem.

3. If possible/helpful please provide screenshots

Afterwards please post the link to the Bugtracker here so we can follow the progress.

Tony Partner

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