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gid of subq is not changed when copying question and placing it in a new group

5 years 10 months ago #58629 by khoy01
We had a case of "disappearing subquestions" in an active survey.
This happened after we deleted some questions with no group id after running "database consistency check". They were marked correctly as not belonging to an existing group but what had happened is this.
The question with subquestions was copied and placed in a new group. The old group was deleted. What happens is that when copying a question with subquestions to a new group the group id of the subquestions is not changed to the new group. The group id of the main question is changed and also the parent qid. That is why it doesn't seem to affect the survey at first.
When copying a question with subquestions and placing this question into a new group, the gid of the subquestions should be changed to the new gid too. For the main question this happens already. Bug?

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5 years 10 months ago #58639 by tpartner
Sounds like a bug.

Please test if the problem still exists with the latest release . If so please open a ticket at the Bugtracker and...

1. Give as much information as possible

2. Provide step-by-step instructions how to reproduce the problem.

3. If possible/helpful please provide screenshots

Afterwards please post the link to the Bugtracker so we can follow the progress.

Tony Partner

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