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Prefilling questions at SurveyB from answers given at SurveyA

5 years 11 months ago #58303 by Merlin
I'm new to Limesurvey and after having read the manual and researching the forum I now seek more guidance on how to set up my study.

The scenario
I aim to survey participants over 3 distinct points in time: T1, T2, and T3.
Participants who did respond at T1 are asked by email to respond at T2. Similar, participants who did respond at T2 are then asked to respond at T3.

Most important: participants shall respond to a long-text question at T2 which they are shown again at T3.

My thoughts
I will use tokens associated with the participants email-addresses to match the responses over time and also remind non-respondents to participate.

I use SGQA Identifiers pointing to answers from T2 to prefill questions at T3.

My questions
Can Limesurvey do it this way? Specifically, can Limesurvey read data from one survey and use it for a subsequent survey by matching participants via tokens?

Also, is the participant-token association fixed so I can re-use it over various surveys/points in time?

I may not understand the whole system quite well yet, so please apologise in case my approach does not make sense. Any guidance towards solving the above described scenario is much appreciated.
Many thanks!

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