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Bug when switching language in multilingual surveys

5 years 11 months ago #57882 by vgournay
In multilingual surveys, when you switch language during the survey, the new language choice is not saved.
This affects v1.89, v1.90 and v1.91RC4.
How to replicate the bug:
1) Make a new survey with 2 language choices
2) Enable tokens
3) create a test token entry and use it to log in the survey
4) While in the survey, change language. The page will update with the chosen language
5) Click the Prev or Next button. The language will be reset.

This bug only appears on token based surveys. If you use the "test survey" mode, everything will look ok.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? Any solutions?



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5 years 10 months ago #58614 by luge
I have the same problem, although even without tokens enabled.

here is a small part of the survey, if you wish to test it:

There are 3 languages (FR, DE, EN),
no tokens,
Q by Q format,
version 1.90+ (hosted by LimeService)

If you try to change to say German, it works for the 1st question, ie you re bounced back to the start page and can proceed in the requested language.
However if you want to switch language afterwards, the question that was displayed when you changed it is going to be translated, then clicking next you get mixed languages. The question is in the "default language", but the language menu is in the language you asked for.

Also in a longer version of the survey, when changing in the middle of a group of question, sometimes you get back to the description screen, then back to the question you were at when language change was made....

Any suggestion welcomed!


I should add: there was no such problems with the 1.87(8338) version.

@vgournay: have reported the problem to the bug tracker? Can't find it, what's the name you gave it?

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5 years 10 months ago #58615 by vgournay
Hi Luge,
Thanks for your post. I didn't report it, i was starting to think i was the only one getting the bug...
Just tried to enter the bug tracker but it seems to be using a different user login than the forums. I'll do it later today if you haven't done it already.


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5 years 10 months ago #58628 by luge
Hi Vincent,

I ve been trying to fill in a bug report but I lack mandatory information about these elements:
*Database & DB-Version
*Operating System (Server)
*Webserver software & version
*PHP Version

If you have it, could you please report the bug yourself? You'd only need to copy/paste parts of both our previous post and mix it a bit, I think it's clear enough.


[or if anyone can provide the info about LimeService or where to find it, I d be glad to finish what I have started]

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5 years 10 months ago #58648 by luge
Finally I found most of the missing info, so i filled the bug report :)


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5 years 10 months ago #58649 by luge
Possible workaround, still have to test it:

Ok so considering the above described problem we decided it was better not to show the langage switcher.
Instead, I included 2 links to the other langages (changing just the "lang=XX" at the end of the url) in the survey description field.
At first it was intended to appear only on the start screen, to allow respondents to change once. But then i tried to leave it on every screen (as normally the survey description is present in the upper part of the question screen).
And so it seems to be working: you can change language and stay at the same position in the survey (ie the same Q number).
Caveat: I haven't tested yet how it reacts "data-wise" so to speak; i mean how answer are recorded when switching languages that way.

I'll let you know. And also, I don't think it would work with tokens, but i never used those before so it's just a guess.

Anyone ever tried this "workaround" before?


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