protect survey against unwanted modification - how to?

5 months 2 weeks ago - 5 months 2 weeks ago #178000 by mad99
it's probably obvious.
But unfortunately I can't find the right settings, nor a probably exact term for it.

I have different surveys for different type of niche-questions. At the end, most of this are only a bit different to the others.
Maybe other questions, less, more ore a different e-mail text.

I did a lot of «copy & paste and change small pieces».

So it is hard to differentiation the surveys against each other. OK, the title looks different, but all the other stuff is quite similar in quick glimpse.
And I'm afraid again and again, that I accidentally change an already running survey, because in a parallel browser-tab exactly this running survey is open to see how the content was set there (as a cheetsheet).

It would be ingenious, and probably there is such a solution in limesurvey:
- if running surveys could be set to "protected against unwanted change".
And if I would like to change them during the hot phase, a corresponding hint would help.
Like :

"Do you really want to change this ongoing survey?
«Yes, I want to change it and I am aware of the consequences», or «NO, not at all».
Or set the settings under «...» to «NO», then you can change this running survey anytime, without this security question.

- Is there some solution like this in limesurvey?
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5 months 2 weeks ago #178001 by LouisGac

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