Redirect to one of two different end URLs - revisted

5 months 2 weeks ago - 5 months 2 weeks ago #177972 by bulgin
In the forum post here about how to create two different end URLs depending on response to survey question:

There are some specifics lacking from the thread that will trip-up newbies (as myself). So here they are.

1) Even when you input the correct formula, you will not get a working system until you activate the survey. If you don't activate you will see your formula as a link (this was stated in the post above but it needs re-stating as you will have absolutely no idea if your formula works or not until you active the survey).

2) A formula like the one posted in the above post is very confusing to newbies because they identify the solution as:

{if(q1 == 1, equation1, equation2)}.

Well, first off I didn't know what the "q's" where all about and figured that meant question. However, most setups show the questions differently depending on how you have named them. in the question editor. This is completely confusing. Here is how it properly breaks down:

q1 is the name of the question for whatever you have in the "List Questions" | Code Column. Not everyone names their questions in the format q1, q2, etc. So this confuses users immediately unless you explain where that variable comes from: it comes from the value in the column titled Code in your list of questions.

Then the "equation1" etc. is a separate question that you create as a type "Equation" . The post above completely failed to explain how you get there leaving almost everyone completely confused and unable to proceed. And unless you want the user to see the code you need to Hide this question - again, never mentioned.

That type of question is created as a new question and then when you choose "select question type" you choose Mask | Equation. Duh! How did the above post expect people to know that! Sorry, but I despise half-answers that only serve to confuse - yes, you do have to spell it out sometimes.

See attached screenshots.

Hope this helps cut down on frustration time.
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