Print later when using token based survey

3 years 8 months ago #117973 by starguide
starguide created the topic: Print later when using token based survey
Hello everyone,

I would like your guys thoughts on the following little issue I have with a token based survey and printing.

So I have a token based survey, where people are allowed to print out their answers at the end. After they submited their answers they are not allowed to change their answers again (for obvious reasons). Now it quied often happens that I get contacted afterwards and beeing asked to send them a copy of their answers because they closed the browser window, forgot to print, didn't read, changed their mind about printing and so on. This is kind of annoying, but I have no choice than to help them. Ideally I could tell them to just go back to the page and enter their token so that they can print their answers by themself. Right now I have to ask them for their token, look it up for them, export it as PDF and send it to them. This is especially problematic since I'm really not supposed to know which token belongs to which person.

Is there anyway to allow people to use their token again after submitting to print out their answers, but not change anything?

Thankful for any ideas!


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