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3 years 9 months ago #117212 by Callirius
Callirius created the topic: creating or editing question types

I am a beginner with LimeSurvey and currently trying to set up a survey for a small research study.
The participants shall be asked to first watch a short video in which a gesture is shown and then select the shape that comes closest to the shown gesture by adjusting a circular slider.

See this jsfiddle or the attached image for additional clarification.

As I see it, I got the following options:

Please do correct me on any of this!

1. Create a new or edit an already existing question type.

2. Being creative in using existing question types.
If it is possible in this case, I am not creative enough. I'd appreciate any hints!

3. Choosing e.g. the numeric input question type, setting the value via javascript/jquery and hiding the answer element.

Since I was successful with setting an arbitrary value and hiding the element I am quite confident that I can bind the value of my circular slider to the value of the input field, didn't have the time to try it yet.

Though I got a problem with how I solved this:
$(function () {
$(function () {

This feels very hacky. Is there any better way to accomplish the same?

If there isn't, to get back on topic, I feel like option 1), creating a new or editing an existing question, would be the cleanest way to solve this. So is this possible?

Sorry for the not really fitting title, I honestly didn't know how I should caption this.

Thanks in advance for your answers

Best Regards

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3 years 9 months ago #117217 by DenisChenu
DenisChenu replied the topic: creating or editing question types
Th jsfiddle seems broken.

But here, why updating a question type and do PHP update ????

Seems only javascript solution, then use javascript/jquery ...

A single choice question can be hidden (hide only the answer) and use some event to check the good answer.


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