May I combine List offerings (dropdown) & free text? ("search list")

3 years 10 months ago #115258 by FranzGerbig
FranzGerbig created the topic: May I combine List offerings (dropdown) & free text? ("search list"
Hi folks,

respondents are supposed to choose one specific out of hundreds of providers (e.g. shopping centres).
I wonder if there's a way to offer respondents a free text to search in an existing (maybe dropdown) list of all providers.
You said you like go shopping. Which of the following shopping centres do you prefer? Name one.
Info: You may tipe in the name of the town the centre is situated in, and only centres in that town will appear. So you won't have to sroll down all the list.

"Can I do this with LimeSurvey" :blush:

Damn nice weekend

using LS 3.13.2+180709

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