Time limit for Array answers?

3 years 5 months ago #111810 by bioflow
bioflow created the topic: Time limit for Array answers?
According to this page , only text display and List (radio) questions can use a timer.

I need to set a time limit for a question that has an Array type answer. Specifically, I need to display a photo for 15 seconds (which I got to work using a blank text display, then move on to an Array questionnaire that the user sees for 2 minutes, after which the next photo should be automatically displayed.

Does anyone have a suggested workaround for this? Thank you in advance!


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3 years 4 months ago #111863 by bioflow
bioflow replied the topic: Time limit for Array answers?
I found a workaround that works in version 2.05+ Build 140811. It seems to take advantage of a bug, so it may not work in later versions.

The survey must be displayed Group by Group (General Settings / Presentation & Navigation / Format: Group by Group). To create a time-limited Array answer, create a new question group, create the desired question, then create an empty text display question and set the desired limit in the advanced settings. The time limit will then apply to the whole group, and the survey will move on to the next group if move on is set in the advanced settings for the empty question.

According to the manual, this should not work, but it does:
"The timer attributes work best with surveys displayed in "Question by question" mode. It is possible to use them in "Group by group" mode, but with certain restrictions. In "Group by group" mode the default time_limit_action is to "Disable only", meaning that the "Next >>" button is not automatically pressed. Automatically moving on to the next question is disabled in group by group mode unless the group only contains one question."

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