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freelancerdev created the topic: Admin mode - Data Entry Screen - Next/Previous Navigation
Hello Experts,

I am new to this forum and i hope i am posting on right place. Pls let me know if posting it at wrong place.

Below is the feature we are trying to implement, please help if you have any idea on similar requirement. Thanks in advance for all your suggestions.

We are collecting survey response and doing post processing (response edits) on LimeSurvey, and using Admin mode - "Browse Respones" screen to fitler respones and "Data Entry" screen for record edits. Now, once user completes editing("Data Entry" screen", has to click save, go to next screen(sucess screen), go to responses screen and then click on next record to start editing.

Can we provide alternative simple navigation to avoid 2-3 additional steps to jump to next response to edit. We are looking to add Next/Previous button on Data Entry screen, so user can save response and directly jump to next/previous response. Also it would be better if we can maintain responses order of last response filter on "Browse Responses" screen user had used. Have attached screen for proposed navigation.

Let us know your thoughts. Also let me know if I am not able to explain the requirement clearly.

Thank you!
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