Embedding Limesurvey into a (Jimdo) website using an iFrame

3 years 11 months ago #111042 by Mazi
Mazi created the topic: Embedding Limesurvey into a (Jimdo) website using an iFrame
Hi everyone,

since I have read about similar questions in the past I'd like to show how to embed a Limesurvey survey into an existing website via iFrame.

For a recent project we had to embed a Limesurvey survey into an existing Jimdo ( www.jimdo.com/ ) website at www.our-new-europe.eu/ .
We ran the survey in all in one mode and have created an iFrame of a matching height. All this works fine. Here comes a short description and a link. You are all invited to partcipate!

www.our-new-europe.eu is an Internet test referendum about Europe all over Europe. All Europeans have the opportunity, for the first time ever, to vote together on the future of our continent, almost like in a real plebiscite: Do you want the EU to continue its path of centralization, or would you prefer a more decentralized, more flexible Europe, closer to its citizens? Do you want to have a say in your Europe or let „Brussels“ decide, as up to now? You, too, are invited to participate at this referendum. Vote for your Europe!
Link: http://www.our-new-europe.eu/english/3-my-ballot-my-europe/

www.our-new-europe.eu ist ein Internet-Test-Referendum über Europa in ganz Europa. Alle Europäerinnen und Europäer erhalten zum ersten Mal überhaupt die Gelegenheit, gemeinsam über die Zukunft unseres Kontinents abzustimmen, fast wie in einer richtigen Volksabstimmung: Wollen Sie, dass es in Europa so weiter geht wie bisher, mit einer immer stärker zentralisierten EU, oder möchten Sie lieber ein dezentraleres, flexibleres, bürgernäheres Europa? Möchten Sie in Ihrem Europa mitreden können oder wie bis anhin „Brüssel“ entscheiden lassen? Auch Sie sind eingeladen, an diesem Referendum teilzunehmen.
Link: http://www.our-new-europe.eu/deutsch/3-mein-stimmzettel-mein-europa/

www.our-new-europe.eu est un référendum test dans Internet sur l’Europe et à travers toute l’Europe. Tous les Européens ont l’occasion, pour la toute première fois, de voter ensemble sur l’avenir de notre continent, presque comme dans un vrai plébiscite: Désirez-vous que l’UE continue sur sa voie de la centralisation, ou préférez-vous une Europe plus décentralisée, plus flexible, plus proche des citoyens? Voulez-vous avoir un mot à dire, dans votre Europe, ou laisser décider „Bruxelles“, comme jusqu’à présent? Vous aussi êtes invités à prendre part à ce référendum! Votez pour votre Europe!
Link: http://www.our-new-europe.eu/fran%C3%A7ais/3-mon-vote-mon-europe/

www.our-new-europe.eu è un referendum test internet sull’Europa e in tutta l’Europa. Tutti gli europei hanno, per la prima volta del tutto, l’occasione di votare insieme sul futuro del nostro continente, quasi come in un vero plebiscito: Desiderate che l’UE continui il suo cammino di centralizzazione, o preferite un’Europa più decentralizzata, più flessibile, più vicina ai cittadini? Volete avere voce nella Vostra Europa o lasciare decidere „Bruxelles“, come finora? Anche Voi siete invitati a prendere parte a questo referendum! Votate per la Vostra Europa!
Link: http://www.our-new-europe.eu/italiano/3-il-mio-voto-la-mia-europa/

Best regards/Beste Grüße,
Dr. Marcel Minke
(Limesurvey Head of Support)
Need Help? We offer professional Limesurvey support
Contact: marcel.minke(at)survey-consulting.com'"

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