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Add column(s) to multiple short text

2 years 7 months ago - 2 years 7 months ago #110486 by danika
Hello everyone,

Because they display vertically, there is a lot of white (empty) space left on multiple short text questions. I would like to ask if anyone can suggest a way to do three things:
  1. Add another column or columns with text input boxes;
  2. add some text to one of the new columns to include your instructions or comments; and,
  3. use regex expressions to validate each of the fields individually?

Such a form would be useful for the intake of basic contact info, such as phone numbers. Validation with regex is difficult to do when dealing with forms that may be used internationally. However, if we can separate the elements of any phone number, such as by country code, area code, carrier code, city code, phone number, and extension, then the task of validation becomes easier as the elements, whose form and format vary from country to country, are reduced to their simplest elements. Additionally, to represent all these elements vertically, as multiple short text does, taking the phone numbers of two or more contacts can easily use an entire page. Organizing these elements horizontally in columns, on the other hand, you could take several numbers and condense them into a single question within a reasonable space.

Thanks in advance!
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2 years 7 months ago #111053 by jpw

I had a similar request a while back. I have not had any luck in coming up with a solution that would allow horizontal phone contact information to be entered with separate validation expressions on each such as Area code XXX Number XXX-XXX Ext. XXXXX

If you come up with a solution could you let me know!

This seems like a good idea for a new question type. Another would be address contact information. In US for example:

Street Address
Zip Code

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1 year 9 months ago #120954 by danika

I have not been about to figure this out for international numbers. Regex expressions are of limited use. It's been awhile since I have visited this issue. But, I would appreciate any updates on the ability to validate individual fields.

Best -


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1 year 9 months ago #120957 by tpartner
You could use several short-text questions and CSS (and maybe a little JS) to align them side-by side. Details of CSS and/or JavaScript would depend on the template used.

Tony Partner

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