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5 years 3 months ago #107455 by Dipesh
Self Rating/Response was created by Dipesh
Hello To all,

First of thank you very much for this great product. :)

I am using lime survey to tack feedback to our teachers I use Question type array.
now I have to provide reports to every individual teachers to show their own progress graph.
As well as I have to mention Self rating in to the graph what they rate them self for the question.

For example :- I have 5 teachers in group each teacher have to rate itself & also to other 4 teachers on 20 parameters.

now when I want to generate graph for each individual teacher I have to select 20 question of each teachers to get individual graph.

So it is possible to do this task with single click ? suppose I select one teacher name & I got all his 20 question report in PDF with graph.

Another thing in report its possible to get it Self rating! Like what they rate its self on particular question? (Self rating).

I have attach screenshot for reference.

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