Is it possible to calculate sub scales ?

2 years 11 months ago #107192 by guskorte
I will apply a questionnaire with 75 items.

Suppose that I have 15 sub-scales of 5 items each.

Question I) In order to calculate the value of sub-scaleA I need the average of 5 items.

Can I use this formula? (==SUM(item1,item2, item10, item 25, item65)/5)?
If not how can I do it?

Question II) Would it be possible to use the same expressions used in the SPSS statistical software?? Is there any plug in that I can use in order to import it into Lime survey??

Question III) Let's say I have the average of the group and the total population, how can I make chart comparing the results at the end of the test to the participant??

For example: I have 15 subscales and I have to compare each subscale with the average of the group?!?
How to do it?

I am planning to use it for my PhD study.


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2 years 11 months ago #107197 by DenisChenu
Question I:

I think you can use that in another Equation question type.

{sum(that.sq_QX.NAOK)/15} for X axis sum
{sum(that.sq_QY.NAOK)/5} for Y axis sum
for example

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2 years 11 months ago #107205 by tpartner
Question II:
No, you cannot use SPSS syntax - see Expression Manager for allowed syntax.

Question III:
You can use Expression Manager to pipe values into your table - .


Tony Partner

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