Does this still work ?

4 years 5 months ago #106756 by cfilippone
cfilippone created the topic: Does this still work ?
I was looking in the manual for a was to import or and export from command line
found this :
Import using the commandline utility

From version 1.50 to 1.92 it was possible to import surveys from the command line (or shell). To use this functionality you have to have access to the shell and the PHP interpreter has to be configured to allow shell execution of scripts.
This functionality is useful when you have timeout problems with the web version that could happen when you have very long surveys to import.
To use it, in the shell go to the limesurvey/admin folder and execute:
php cmdline_importsurvey <File to import> [<user> <password>]
<File to import> has to be one of the described above
<user> has to be a user with permission to create surveys
<password> the password for the user
If you need to see the parameters you can execute:
php cmdline_importsurvey -h

Is this working ?

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