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Array filter->Multiple question->array single question empty radio button

2 years 11 months ago #106273 by jajas
Dear Limesurvey Team,

I have 2 question:

1st Question

Q1. Which Gadget do you have [multiple answer]
A1. Smart Phone
A2. Tablet
A3. Google Glass
A4. Smart Watch
A5. Other___________ ==> other is blank

Q2. Please Rate minimum 3 item gadget the most important for you [Array][single]
1st Rate
2nd Rate
3rd Rate---
Smart phone O O O
Tablet O O O

i was use array filter to make previous answer and in previous question [Q1]
shown base on previous selected answer, and it's work properly.

the problem is, when other in Q1 is empty (blank), blank radio button shown
in Q2. when i add other in Q2 as Answer code for Other rised message :
Error: 'other' is a reserved keyword.

the question is, How to prevent empty radio button in next question [for array question type]
if "Other" in previous answer is empty or blank,
without show Message Error: 'other' is a reserved keyword.

Need help for this case, please..



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