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Summary page with ability to jump to question

3 years 1 day ago #105557 by crafter
Is is possible to create a summary page at the end that contain links to the question group where there are unanswered questions.

To get the summary page, I created a biolerplate and used EM to print a formatted message indicating which questions are unanswered (See attachment).

I now need to find if the user can click a link against the unansered question and jump to the group where the question resides (since LS cannot jump to the question itself). (Sort of like the navigator, but with links).

Are there any pointers to how I can achieve this.


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3 years 1 day ago #105574 by emimarz
I don't believe that it isn't possible without write source code.
If you are programmer certainly there are a solution but lime core don't support this.


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