How can I creat a participant specific subsurvey within one and the same survey?

3 years 1 month ago #104632 by Justine01
In the pre treatment measurement participants had to elaborate on a specific offence they had experienced. Today I stumbled upon the problem of people in the post test, who forgot about what offence they elaborated on at pre test measurement. So I want to help the future participants by reminding them of what they had thought about, when filling in the survey at pre test, but I can't figure out how to create more surveys (participant specific) in one survey. I want the results to be placed under the name of one survey, but I have to write down different examples (of offences)for the different participants.
Is this possible? Or do I have to duplicate the existing survey and give distinct links... but then I'm afraid of having the results separated.

Thanks in advance

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