Predetermined Order of Question Groups

3 years 1 month ago #104505 by tomscher
Dear community,

I have used LimeSurvey for quite some time and like the new options and possibilities that have come with 2.0++. However, I still miss one important feature: I want to determine several different 'paths' for a survey. Let's imagine I have a survey with 10 question groups and I would like to divide my participants at the beginning in one of two groups who get a different order of question groups.

Group A: QG1-10 (ascending)
Group B: QG10-1 (descending)

Right now, I solve this problem through copying the questions and setting conditions. However, that seems quite clunky to me and there should (?) be a far easier approach to do that. Any hints are highly appreciated, especially if the solution is scalable (i.e. fore more than 2 groups, individualized order of groups [i.e. 1,3,2,4,5,8,7,9,10] etc.)

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3 years 1 month ago #104544 by tpartner
Unfortunately, LimeSurvey does not support real "jumping" so I don't think this is possible without hacking the core code.


Tony Partner

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