Presenting questions from different groups of one survey in different places

3 years 1 month ago #104259 by murbaniak
Hi everyone.

I have large survey (around 100 questions grouped in 8 groups) and need to display them randomly for each group.

Problem is that random y questions from X in each group have to be presented in connection to the particular article.
For example I have survey about cats and there are groups: health (30 questions), food (50 questions), wild cats (40 questions). There'are also articles about cat's health, food, and about wild cats. In each article I have to present link to the survey summarizing knowledge gathered from the article - survey should contain 5 random questions from the apropperiate group.

Moreover in other place I need to present survey checking general knowledge about cats - that is 20 random questions from the all the gropus in survey about cats. I can't just make separate surveys bacause of statistic that have to be gathered for each qestion.

So I would need a differernt URLs for each group, and URL for whole survey. Randomizing isn't a problem - there are tutorials for that.

So, is it possible to do it with Lime Survey? If not I'm thinking about some devleloping with PHP and JavaScript - adding URL parameter for each group and random function in group settings.

Thanks for the help :)

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3 years 1 month ago #104279 by tpartner
You can prefill a question using the survey URL and then base conditions or relevance on that question.


Tony Partner

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