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Display Message on Same Page in Relation to Answer

3 years 3 months ago #101659 by Rachel44
All I want to do is display a message on a question page in relation to an answer. in other words if I ask the question "Are you a Poet" "YES/NO" and the user answers "NO" - I want to display a message on the same page "You must be a Poet to proceed with this survey".

I can do what I want with quotas but this the goes to a separate (next) page and then takes the user back - I want to display the message on the same page & give the option to change the answer on the same page. I've had a look at EM but it's way beyond me, I think.

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3 years 3 months ago #101660 by holch
Quota is the wrong approach. You will need conditions and a boilerplate question. However, you want that they can't go on with the survey, in case of answering no, right? This can't really be solved with conditions. YOu might need to do some custom coding to prevent respondents from going on.

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