Set Default Answer for List Dropdown to equal that of another List DropDown

3 years 4 months ago #101655 by dweisser
Hi Limeys,
I've re-posted this in a different category so apologies if there is duplication.
I'm trying to extend the dependent dropdown script described in [url=Re: dropdown list as a subquestion depending on first dropdown question]this post[/url] from two questions to three.

I haven't the skill to alter the javascript. So my work around was to let Q1 filter Q2. Set Q3 equal to Q2. And let Q3 filter Q4.

All I need is the javascript to set the Dropdown in Q3 equal to the answer provided in Q2. After an exhaustive and fruitless search, I'm once again throwing myself upon the mercy of the community.

Conceptually this seems simple, but I simply can't make the javascript work. Any help in any amount would be much appreciated.

Thank you,

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