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3 years 4 months ago #101394 by aukevann

I want to setup a system where a customer can pay for a survey with Paypal and then get the link to fill out a survey. Has anybody set this up? I can get Paypal modules in my Joomla site but need the link with starting a survey.
Any help greatly appreciated,


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3 years 4 months ago #101461 by DenisChenu

I never made paypal integration, but with some other system i
- Validte the information
- If information is OK : look at token table
- If token already exist : launch survey
- If token don't exist : create and launch survey

Need some PHP script.


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3 years 4 months ago - 3 years 4 months ago #101502 by aukevann
Thanks Denis for your reply.

Looked into this a bit more.
The function I want is that a customer purchase an assessment, pays with Paypal and automatically gets the invitation mail form LimeSurvey that leads them directly to their personal survey (can't be a public assess login link obviously).
On the Joomla site this means create the use and send an invite with the remote control APIs.

I can get Paypal extensions for Joomla that do the job of passing information on to Paypal and get the payment done, no problem.
The problem is however that the username and e-mail address will be entered in Paypal. I can find no way to get this back to the Joomla site to create the user (with the APIs). Paypal allows you to redirect to a standard URL. One of the extensions allows you to change this URL but that does not help, as it can not pass on name and e-mail (only known to Paypal).
The other problem I run into is that I can not find a way to invite a single participant using the invite_participants API (see my other post on this subject).

Any help greatly appreciated.
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