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invite_participants via remote control JSON/RPC api

3 years 3 months ago #101140 by rossokr
I've been playing with a local installation of limesurvey and am currently testing the remote control api capability, as this is the most desired feature of this product that I am looking at. Currently, I can successfully call/run:
However, after these calls I have tried
and keep getting an 'invalid session id' error. I have tried everything to troubleshoot this (manipulating strings, generating new session key for the request, validated typos, etc). Before I continue, I just wanted to verify that this remote feature is working/available.
I am using Version 2.00+ Build 131022 and issuing calls with Java (HttpClient)

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3 years 3 months ago #101180 by rossokr
I solved this myself. The parameters I was using were not correct. The session key param in invite_participants needs to be named sessionkey....not sessionKey or sSessionKey.

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