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lajennylove created the topic: screenout users for redirecting
Hi everyone.

I have an issue by using screenouts, cuotas and completes.

At First I created 3 questions of equation type as follow:

1. Code -> Complete, and in the question ->{something }
2. Code -> Quota, and in the question ->{something }
3. Code -> FilterOut, and in the question ->{something }

And then i created some quotas for some questions, but there are some others than i just can't use quotas to creating screeouts but for example, if you have to create a screenout when you select just one or two of three options (must pass selecting 3 of 3) have to be filtered out. So, i just can't say quota 0 for option 1 or 2 or 3 because is not logic.

Then I deleted the Complete question (for the above equations) and i create a new question at the end of the survey (as the matter in fact i created two, one for completes and other for filtered; but i called both "COMPLETE" in their code name, because I add some logical conditions for them for select one or the another one, as follow.

IF you SELECTED any option OR two THEN show the "COMPLETE" for filtered questions or
IF you SELECTED the three options THEN show the "COMPLETE" for complete questions.

And in the main settings of the survey I just called {COMPLETE} for the ending URL, I made this because i have to redirect my users to their panel by passing their UserID, SurveyID and Status(Complete, ScreenedOut and QuotaFull) but i just have one input for ending URL so i think than if I put the same namecode for those two questions but they're conditioned just one must appear at the and and pass the value into it, but the end URL shows me the mainpage of the url survey hompage.

Anyone has some advice to fix it?

Thank you so much.
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