Autocomplete question with multiple short text

4 years 10 months ago #99019 by TarkiB
TarkiB created the topic: Autocomplete question with multiple short text
Hi there,

I've used the walkthrough at to set up auto completing questions. The user enters an ID in a field, and 4 other fields are automatically filled.

The way I have it set up is 5 seperate text questions. This takes up a huge amount of space - I'll be using autocomplete a lot throughout the survey. So I'd rather use a single multiple short text question.

I have attached a copy of the question that uses 5 seperate text box questions. I'm having trouble setting up the javascript to contain everything within the single multiple short text question. The multiple short text question has the code MultiQ. The five fields are: id, name, area, pname, pline. I want to be able to fill in id manually, then have the other fields autocompleted.

I've changed the javascript so that var q1 = $('MultiQ_id'), var q2 = $('MultiQ_name'), etc. Still however the fields won't autopopulate.

If anyone can provide any guidance or point out where I'm going wrong, that'd be great.


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