export errors when exporting to TSV format

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ROSt52 created the topic: export errors when exporting to TSV format
I regards this as a bug report. However as I don't know where to file a bug report do here. Please advice if, in the future a different location should be used.

Export errors were observed when survey is exported to TSV file.

TSV file means always: tab separated, UTF-8, delimiter: “, extension TXT

In all steps I followed the explanations of “Excel Survery Structure” but got error messages.

1 Export errors
This error was observed already during importing the TSV file again.

Steps done:

1. Selected 2 well running survey
2. Exported as TSV file with txt extension.
3. Created a new sruvey
4. Clicked Import tab
5. Browsed for exported txt-file
6. Clicked Open
7. Clicked Import survey



File upload succeeded. Reading file.
Error : Could not insert answer. Text file row number 187
(in each survey the text file rows have different numbers)
Survey is not imported

I opened both original txt file in LibrOffice Calc, Settings:
Code: UTF8
Separator: Tab (only)
Delimiter: “

Changed title

Saved files as TSV, resulted in extension CSV, renamed file extention to TXT

Performed import procedures as described above

Result: Same Error messages as above. Error messages pointed to the same text file row number.

Route cause search
Next l looked into both exported files using LibO Calc

I found that the error message refere to row numbers with exactly the same structure in both surverys:
name: A1, A2, A3, ...
relevance: A1, A2, A3, …

This was observed for question types:
List with commments
List radio

other questions of the same types showed under
names: 1, 2, 3, …
relevance: blank cells

Counter measure test
Next I changed “names” and “relevance” in both surveys
names: A1, A2, A3, … → 1, 2, 3, …
relevance: A1, A2, A3, … → blank cells

Saved Calc file as TSV and changed extension to TXT and the import worked.

Import worked fine in both cases.

Tested both surveys with “Test this Survey” functionality. However another error was observed
2 Import Error
This error was verified to occur during export but problem becomes visible only after re-import and using Test this Survey functionality.
Verfication method: Export as TSV and import the same file again. Use Test this Survey funtionality shows the problem.
Route cause search
Done with LibO Calc and saving file again as TSV with TXT extention.

This error was observed only in the survery with multiple choice answer “Other” with comment field
In all questions of this very type, 2 “others” selection possibilities are shown in each question. The first had no comment field attached to, the second had the comment field attached . Check mark could only be set to the first others, however it was possible to add text
See image Q8_OtherOther.png

Replacing the text ="Other" by "XXXX" shows the same problem only the word "Other" is replaced by "XXXX"

Opening the sub-questions showed an additional eub-question. In image Q8_Subquestions.png are sub-questions to be seen when "Ohter" is replaced by "XXXX".

Counter measure test
Delete in TSV file row with name=others and text=Other

See imge Q8_SubquestionEntryOtherDeleted.png


Attachment Q8_OtherOther.png not found

Attachment Q8_Subquestions.png not found

Attachment Q8_SubquestionEntryOtherDeleted.png not found

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