Question per group limit? some questions and "next" button not loaded...

3 years 7 months ago #98648 by blukas
Hi there

I am having a problem with a group that contains more than 200 questions and really a lot of conditions (see example below...most of the questions have conditions like that).

The problem is: Once the group page is loaded only 90% of the content is show, some questions at the bottom AND the control buttons ("back" "next" etc.) are not loaded.

Do I have a memory problem? Is this simply too much for my server? I changed the memory limit to 64mb in config-defaults.php that did not help.

Any ideas?


PS: I just uploaded our iPad template - check it out.

Installation INFO
Version 2.00+ Build 130708
PHP Version 5.3.21

EXAMPLE OF CONDITION (most of the 200+ questions in that group have conditions like this)
((schema.NAOK == "SO_SB")) OR ((schema.NAOK == "SO")) OR ((schema.NAOK == "THSO_KS_1")) OR ((schema.NAOK == "THSO_KS_2")) OR ((schema.NAOK == "BSSO_KS_1")) OR ((schema.NAOK == "BSSO_KS_2")) OR ((schema.NAOK == "BCSO_KS_1")) OR ((schema.NAOK == "BCSO_KS_2")) OR ((schema.NAOK == "PWSO_KS_1")) OR ((schema.NAOK == "BSMSO_KS_1")) OR ((schema.NAOK == "BMKSO_KS_1")) OR ((schema.NAOK == "ZHSO_KS_1")) OR ((schema.NAOK == "ZHSO_KS_2")) OR ((schema.NAOK == "ZHEXSO_KS_1")) OR ((schema.NAOK == "ZHEXSO_KS_2")) OR ((schema.NAOK == "KWSO_KS_1"))

buttons are loaded on the groups before

Attachment ok.jpg not found

buttons and some questions are not loaded in large group

Attachment notok.jpg not found


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