Personal Project - Users Fill out Multiple Surveys Representing Another Entity

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3 years 8 months ago #98318 by jmadero
Hi All,

I want to know if LimeSurvey is capable of allowing a single user to be responsible for input for lots of surveys that represent other entities and then all users would have access to editing/viewing the surveys that are inputed by other users.

An example of where this might be useful:

In a hospital nurses input surveys on patients and then other nurses want to view the entire lists of patience and edit/update the answers as needed.

So every nurse would have a username/login and would have complete access to the records input by other nurses on the patients in the hospital.

Thanks in advance

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3 years 8 months ago #98332 by DenisChenu
Yes and no :

No : better is to use an external script for "user/password" with just access to "responses": it's easy for nurse.
Yes : each nurse can have an account on LS admin and you can allow for each user "respones edit" in survey security.


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