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Long integer question

3 years 7 months ago #98257 by AndrejL

We completed a short survey where one of the questions was to enter a long digit number (19 digits). Some sort of card id number.

Now when I export the data LS shortened my number in to something like '7.0800177000131e+18'.

When I change output format to number LS automaticaly filles zeros at the end of number so it has 19 digits.

For example if I enter 1111111111111111111 I get '1,11111E+18'. And if I transform it to number 1111111111111100000.

Is there any hope that my answers are not lost?

Thank you,


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3 years 7 months ago #98335 by DenisChenu
For "card id" number, i allways thinks it's not numeric but text.

Better is to use texte question type and not numeric question type.

(and you can use some regexp on question: [0-9]{19} for example.

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