BUG with display the correct language title {SURVEYNAME} when I use tokenlist?

4 years 1 week ago #98092 by hofmarkus
hofmarkus created the topic: BUG with display the correct language title {SURVEYNAME} when I use tokenlist?
I work with the latest stable version 2.00 Build 130708 + and have the following problem:
The survey consists of 2 languages (German-English). German is the "base language".
On the first page in template would display also the title of the survey.

If I'm work WITHOUT tokens then the survey works good (display english and german-title).

However, with the list of participants (ie, through an token-key) in the first page only the title of
the base language (here, in this case the German) would be display and when I access with the key
the title is changed to english.

For information:
Standart TEXT with "TOKEN":
This is a controlled survey. You need a valid token to participate.
If you have been issued a token, please enter it in the box below and click continue.


My opinion is that this is a BUG, because it works with the "old" version 1.92 Build 120919 + without problems.
For info:
PHP version: 5.3.3
Mysql: 5.1
Centos 6.4

Thanks in advance for any help

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