tokens: combine answer persistence & multiple use of same token?

3 years 8 months ago #98084 by bebs

Is is possible to combine answer persistence & multiple use of same token?

My context is that of students describing various businesses (usually 3 per student). I'd like to allow the students to modify the answers for a given business even after submission, and simultaneously to answer to the questionnaire for different businesses.

How should I best manage tokens?

If I use 1 token / student -> I cannot have simultaneous answer persistence and multiple uses of same token (ie: the student does not get a link to edit the answers for business A if he started working on business B answers)

If I use 1 token / business -> the students cannot register from the survey webpage to get different token for each business as they have only 1 mail adress, and limesurvey prevents to use the same mail adress again.

2 possible workarounds (I think) could be to
a) use answer_id in the url for editing a previous set of answers, for a single token having multiple responses.
b) allow multiple use of same mail adress in survey registration form.

Any hint?

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