Survey by EMail with Identity

4 years 9 months ago #98081 by AdrianB
AdrianB created the topic: Survey by EMail with Identity
Hi Folks!

I have the following Scenario: We have programmed a C++ program, which will be used by other people now. But we wanna have feedback of the using right after every single use. So: The user starts the application and chooses his username. Then he opens a file and works on that file. After ending the application he shall get an email with an link to a specific survey.
The Survey should has preinsert informations: username, date, filename (usage).
So how can I connect my C++ program and limesurvey? How can I prefill informations by the C++ program? How can I send the mail?
By google I found [1] and ask myself if it is the solution?

Greetings, Fabian :)


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