A newbie with a simple question and who can't find answer in the docs

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3 years 8 months ago #97908 by gEjT6NcXl
As a very raw newbie, who has just read (probably) the entire support forum plus manual, I can't find the answer to one obvious question: can I set up a survey for example asking about things that need doing in my town and have people from different estates complete the survey by using a different username and password for each estate? That is, one survey, which has 100 username and password combinations but where each username and password combination can be used multiple times by different people i.e. it's a way of collecting data under headings-I would need to be able to extract the data by filtering according to the username/password combination.

Thank you for your help!


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3 years 8 months ago #98182 by crafter
There is no quick answer to your situation.

I would suggest having a username password as a seperate prologue to the survey, Then after authenticating the user, redirect the user to the survey, passing the usermame as a variable (the password may be inconsequantial at this point) into the survey.

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3 years 8 months ago #98191 by DenisChenu

You can set USe left to 10 0000 for each token.


Or use "Allow multiple responses or update responses with one token?" with an anonymous survey.


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