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Import an answer from an earlier question

3 years 7 months ago #97632 by amiltonxavier
Good morning,
I wonder if an answer of a previous question specific can appear checked in the answers of another question

For example, we have 4 questions: A, B, C and D
If A is "Tell me one car brand of which has seen / heard publicity lately" and the respondent's answer is "Seat"

Question D: "From the following list select tick the car brands which remember seeing / hearing publicity lately, I remind you remembered:" And the answer to question A should appear either as marked

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3 years 7 months ago #97662 by first
If u want to show the answer label selected at A in the question text of D then {A.shown} should work fine..if u want to auto punch one answer option.. we can do that as well using equation type question or javaScript

Survey Designer and Programmer
"I always suggest to have a group by group display layout and create a seprate group for each question. This will be extra work but you will get flexiblity to create your question by using more than more lime survey question types."

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